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  1. Impressive incisive and thought-provoking insights here… yielding many knock-on questions. Any insights on the (potential) underlying economics for this? I mean: will there be a “happy few” (as with enthusiast-bloggers turned full-time pro) who will make a living out of this? If so: where would their income come from and what form would it take? How (dis)similar are 3FFers from present-day (professional) consultants? How correct would it be to see this as the transposition of consultancies into (rather less formal) always-on social internetworking terms? In this newly developing realm, how does one exchange the undeniable intrinsic value of high social standing within communities of interest into the daily necessities of life to put food on the table and pay the bills for the internet connection? In other words: how ight one convert that intangible into tangible value… and vice versa? If the blogger analogy would apply: where would the similarities break down? If Bloggers are proto-3FFers, are we likely to see the emergence of Maecenas-sponsored 3FFers doing this full time? Might the differences between blogging, vlogging, podcasting and vodcasting and 3FFing increase the percentage of people who may derive their full or significant partial income from this activity? Fascinating stuff! Thank you for helping wider understanding of what’s going on… and of what is about to come around the corner.

  2. What I see here is a charting of the emergence of an epochal shift in our conceptions of ourselves and this adventure we so fortuitously share.

    I suspect this particular blogger is more than cogniscent of the similarities between the behavious ascribed to 3FFers and those of individual neurons. What we may have is the enactment through the formality of occurence of a critical stage in the process whereby this planet of ours clothes itself in brain.

    Given the present political and commercial realities, I’m loathe to declare “next stop, Utopia!” It sure will be interesting to see how it all manages to work out in the end: 2012 ain’t that far off anymore ;]

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