The Power of Sharing

The Power of Sharing from Mark Pesce on Vimeo.

Inaugural address for the “What’s the Big Idea?” lecture series, at the Bundeena Bowls Club in Bundeena, a small community (pop. 3500) just south of Sydney in Royal National Park.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Sharing

  1. Thanks Mark. Enjoyed your talk at the Bundeena Bowlo last night.
    Particularly interested in your mention of patientslikeyou website – as I have a daughter who has been diagnosed with coeliac disease. When searching for diagnosis I visited several doctors who were unable to diagnose her condition. My family doctor had only ever seen one other case in 30 years and misdiagnosed and mistreated her several times. The power of sharing using web (including sites like patientslikeyou) facilitates the sharing of information about symptoms / treatments etc directly from sufferers of similar conditions – a great resource! Thanks for visiting Bundeena!

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