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  2. This was a GREAT lecture, especially when he asks the question “Who has “friends” that have downloaded music?” and the room was a sea of hands.

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  4. “I don’t know who discovered water, but it probably wasn’t a fish.” -Marshall McLuhan

    This quote came to mind around the 30 minute mark of this lecture, I think a few of the 20-something crowd in attendance will resonate with this presentation, however I sensed the room losing attention after a while, IMHO because you were describing water to the fish. They are living in it 24/7 and much of it may not be obvious to them.

    I am twice the age of those students, so my perspective is much like yours. This is a another great lecture, and very eye opening to my understanding of where all this technological advancement in media is going. Be sure to package this information into some of your lectures for us 40 somethings, and hopefully we will help you develop a rich vocabulary for communicating these concepts to young people.

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