5 thoughts on “Nexus (Live)

  1. As usual, a great combination of the recent stories and the broad possibilities that the future holds.

    Here’s to hoping that the NBN – when ultimately rolled out – provides for some unplanned way to dramatically enhance the bandwidth, rather than being something that is out of date before it launches, and unable to be improved.

  2. I would have thought Mark was a little off a year ago, but ever since I did my background research for the just launched Shareable Magazine, I’m firmly in his camp. The evidence was overwhelming. I believe we’re at or approaching an inflection point in the shift from a society that consumes to one that shares.

    We’re moving into a future where we’re no longer defined by what we own but rather by what we share. And where our material life connects us instead of pitting us against each other in an exhausting and empty keeping up with the Joneses consumption arms race.

    The Internet as a technology, the diffusion of open models of organizing, net culture, Gen Y, and the sustainability movement are powerful trends in themselves that are converging and compounding each other. This is what’s powering this shift. It’s a juggernaut.

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