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  7. I think the world changing is a good thing. Technology is amazing!!! We have come so far in civilization and will continue to grow. The way we know things will be different, so we are just going to have to adjust to the changes because they are happening even if we do not like it.

  8. I think it is important to embrace change and I hope that I can remember this when I am old. My search lately is how to get people like my parents to embrace it also. It quite a task – and one that we all need to participate in. To educate the elders on the literacy of the web will only help us preserve the knowledge that their generation is taking to there graves.

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  19. Very interesting – gave me a new take on the no tethering angle my mobile network has. mobile broadband via a 3G dongle being useful, but ultimately people might cry why do we need the dongle and the PC when we have the (e.g.) iPhone or the N95 with the 3G within it, the wifi within it.

    the system is already being monetised in a way – e.g. FON in the UK and abroad. BT does FON for their routers in the UK – and if you have BT and FON you can at least use that as a iPhone user for example.

    Hasn’t wellness always had some quite causal link to the quality of your (social ) network?

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  22. Here’s a fascinating real world example of the human network being tapped in medicine: http://blog.patientslikeme.com/2008/02/14/does-it-work-studying-lithium-treatment-for-als/

    Of note is the message at the top of the research page for the treatment at http://www.patientslikeme.com/als_lithium:

    “This is a collaborative project which was first initiated by Karen Felzer, PhD. and Humberto Macedo, along with all the patients involved in the “Lithium Spreadsheet” who have demonstrated such leadership to this community. This project is for and about you so please send us your suggestions and ideas and we will work hard to incorporate them.”

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